Business Portfolio 960

-Technical expertise for resistance and stability
-Technical expertise for constructions
-Judicial and extrajudicial technical expertise
-Verification of projects’ resistance structures
-Consolidation of historical heritage buildings

Although structural design is a particularly complex subject, we try to optimize every project so we can ensure it balance between design, cost, structural elements, stability, functionality and resource consumption, respecting the requirements buildings for durability and safety over time.

Our design company is customer-oriented and needs it. Our medium sized office guarantees that each the project receives direct and personal attention from the company's specialists. Us we pride ourselves on working closely with our customers with the aim to create projects with a set budget but with a great design that express customer needs and wishes.

We design structural projects for all types of buildings, whether they are individual dwellings, collective dwellings, or office buildings industrial buildings.

We aim to meet the needs of our customers, but also ours designers of the construction, providing full details a projects, both at cost and in detail execution.

In the development of our projects we focus on increasing efficiency and we are trying to focus on the use of sustainable resources and economic. We want to bring the construction of the future to our customers we demonstrate the benefits of an integrated project.