Certificate Energetice Our services are:

- Elaboration of the Energy Performance Certificate
- Energy audit for buildings
- Thermal energy scanning of buildings
- Calculating the energy efficiency of buildings

What is Energy Efficiency?

The Energy Certificate is a tool for analyzing and evaluating the energy performance of a building. By energy performance it is practically understood how much or little energy consumes the building to ensure the occupants' comfort, heating, hot water, lighting, ventilation and air conditioning (if necessary).

Through the Energy Certificate, the auditor assigns the building, depending on the specific energy consumption, calculated in kwh / square meter of usable area per year, in one of the 7 energy performance classes (A to G, - A being the most performance) and accordingly gives it a score of 10 to 100.

Also, through the Energy Certificate are made a series of recommendations for solutions to improve the existing situation of the building, in order to increase its energy performance.
According to Law 372/2005, the Energy Certificate is mandatory for all new and existing buildings to be sold or rented.

The "First Home" program credits the purchase of apartments and houses with energy category A, B, or C, so banks request the existence of the energy certificate file for this program, but not only.
Under Law 372/2005, the seller is required to order and make available to the buyer the energy certificate of the building.

The buyer's interest is to ask the seller for the Energy Certificate, even if he does not purchase by bank credit because the energy certificate certifies the state of the building / apartment in terms of energy, ie the consumption of utilities (heating, hot water, lighting) important argument in correctly setting the value (and price) of the building / apartment.

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