-Technical expertise for resistance and stability

-Technical expertise for constructions

-Judicial and extrajudicial technical expertise

-Verification of projects’ resistance structures

-Consolidation of historical heritage buildings

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-Design of houses and household annexes

-Modifications, extensions and attic flooring

-Transformation of homes in areas with other destinations

-Surveys of existing buildings

-Elaboration of build-outs and financial estimates

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-Evaluation of real estate properties

-Mobile valuation

-Evaluation for taxation

-Evaluation for financial reporting

-Evaluation of enterprises

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-Elaboration of the Energy Performance Certificate

-Energy audit for buildings

-Thermo-energy scan of buildings

-Calculator of energy efficiency of buildings

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-Topographic elevations

-Land registry identifications

-Annexations, detachments

-Delimitation of property boundaries

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Arcon – Engineering and architecture

Business Portfolio 960 We have more than 40 years’ experience in construction design, manufacturing expertise and consolidation, extensions and modernization, restoration of buildings.
We provide engineering, consulting, architecture, topography and land registry services.

Our Company staff includes certified specialists who can perform expertise on existing construction works and verification on design works in accordance with legal provisions. With an experience of over 40 years in this area, our Company is equipped with new techniques in the field, focusing on computer-assisted building design.

“Our policy is to offer customers high quality services, in line with expectations, in accordance with applicable legal regulations and professional standards, at a competitive price.”